Friday, 16 November 2012

Fav Floor Routines Part Four- Floor workers of the future!

The final part of the Fav Floor Routine posts includes routines from up-and-coming juniors. It is great to see such artistic and creative routines from gymnasts so young! With the FIG favouring more artistic routines, it is good to see these athletes focusing on artistry.

Angel Romaeo (GBR)
Angel's floor routine has been one of my favourites for a long time. She has very memorable choreography and is a great performer. She trains in Cardiff and is a great prospect for British and Welsh gymnastics. Angel qualified into the all-around competition at this year's Junior European Championships. I love her dance sequence at 0:50!

Angel on floor at the 2012 British Championships, floor final

Simone Biles (USA)
This girl is probably the most powerful tumbler on the US Junior Team. Her opening pass of a double layout to a stag leap is stunning. Her choreography is very bubbly and fun, which suits her personality well. I look forwards to this girl turning senior (she also has a great Amanar to boot!).

Simone on floor, day 2 of VISA Nationals 2012

Maria Kharenkova (RUS)
This young Russian trains alongside Anastasia Sidorova and is already strong on floor and beam. She has the elegant Russian lines, style and exquisite toe point. I love the piece of music that she uses, with the warbly vocals. Another powerful tumbler, she is a great hope for Russia.

Maria winning the floor final at this year's Junior Europeans

Enus Mariani (ITA)
Enus is the Junior European all-around champion from the 2012 European Championships. She also has great style and performs her skills cleanly. Her dance is innovative, daring and exciting- very fun to watch! Italy has been making great advances in the past few years with the likes of Vanessa Ferrari  Carlotta Ferlito and now Enus Mariani. Hopefully she will lead Italian gymnastics in the next few years.

Enus Mariani on floor at the 2012 Junior Europeans

Lexie Preissman (USA)
Lexie is my favourite floor worker on the US Junior National Team. Her 2012 floor routine was performed to 'Zumba' and it is fantastic. Her choreography is playful and upbeat and she allows her personality to shine through. Did I mention that she has a double-double as an opener?! Lexie has some great tumbling in her routine and I feel that she will be one of the US's best floor workers in the coming years.

Lexie performs her floor routine on Day One of the 2012 US Nationals

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