Saturday, 10 November 2012

Coaches Corner: Developing Tap Swings

A fundamental skill for Junior gymnasts is developing swinging techniques on both the low (glides) and high bars (tap swings). It is important that they become confident with simple moves like these in order for them to develop the strength and skills to progress with more difficult skills. One of the most difficult things to teach young gymnasts are fundamental body shapes that they must make while swinging. Conditioning of both the dish (hollow) and arch shape is necessary and must be repeated and reinforced with every training session.

The Youtube video below gives some excellent conditioning tips and drills that can be performed on the bars themselves.
Tap Swing Drills Video

Many young gymnasts find it difficult to find the correct swing rhythm, lack the strength or are too scared to go high. A slow progression through these drills should help gymnasts with any problems.

Article by Imogen Browne (@ImogenMireille)

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