Saturday, 17 May 2014

New Zealand WAG Commonwealth Games Trials

The selection process for the New Zealand women's artistic gymnastics team to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland are well underway. Two days of trials were held in Auckland on May the 9th and 11th. There were six girls from Christchurch School of Gymnastics, Pacific Rim competitors Courtney McGregor, Charlotte Sullivan and Anna Tempero, as well as Mackenzie Slee, Hanna Malloch and Brittany Robertson. Samara Maxwell of Tristar, Auckland also is vying for a spot. Commonwealth Games veteran Jordan Rae has withdrawn due to injury. In other news, Jordan has been offered a place at Bowling Green in collegiate gymnastics starting in 2015. Junior Millie Williamson (also CSG) joined the seniors to trial for the Youth Olympic Games.

NZL Commonwealth Games hopefulls from left to right: Charlotte, Mackenzie, Anna, Courtney, Millie, Brittany and Hanna (From Mackenzie Slee's Instagram)

All gymnasts will compete in the Australian Nationals in Melbourne later on this month before the teams will be named. Below are the results from the trials:

1st- Charlotte Sullivan 52.833
2nd- Courtney McGregor 51.933
3rd- Brittany Robertson 49.80
4th- Mackenzie Slee 47.800
5th- Anna Tempero 46.50
6th- Hanna Malloch 45.767
7th- Samara Maxwell 41.767

VT Top 3- McGregor (14.167), Slee (13.90) and Maxwell (13.70)
UB Top 3- Sullivan (12.367), McGregor (12.033) and Robertson (11.667)
BB Top 3- Sullivan (13.70), Slee (12.60), McGregor and Robertson (12.00)
FX Top 3- McGregor (13.733), Sullivan (13.133) and Robertson (12.467)

1st- Courtney McGregor 53.133
2nd- Charlotte Sullivan 51.533
3rd- Anna Tempero 49.633
4th- Brittany Robertson 49.233
5th- Hanna Malloch 47.933
6th- Samara Maxwell 39.933
NB/ Slee did not compete AA

VT Top 3- McGregor (14.10), Maxwell (13.90) and Robertson (13.677)
UB Top 3- McGregor (11.60), Tempero (11.40) and Sullivan (11.30)
BB Top 3- McGregor (14.067), Sullivan (13.933) and Malloch (12.967)
FX Top 3- McGregor (13.367), Tempero (12.867) and Sullivan (12.80)

Courtney McGregor had a stunning Day Two and topped every single apparatus with standout marks on vault and floor. She will without a doubt be on the team and has already gained some valuable international experience this year as well as a silver medal on vault at the Pacific Rim Championships- a first for NZ! Charlotte is also a consistent performer and along with Courtney made the floor finals at Pacific Rims. She is NZ's best bars worker, an apparatus where we are quite weak. Robertson has also had some international success and is a very elegant gymnast strong across all apparatus. She has also spent some time training at WOGA where she met some of the greats!

Brittany meets Olympic Champions Carly Patterson (2004) and Nastia Liukin (2008) (source: WOGA website)

Courtney and Brittany working their split leaps on beam (source:

Anna is a powerful gymnast and could be used across all apparatus in a team final. She is a little older than the other girls and like Mackenzie has come from the levels or 'Step' program in NZ, rather than the International Development Program. Her maturity and experience would be good for such a young team. Mackenzie is also new to elite and has been rapidly upgrading and improving across all apparatus. She is strong on vault, floor and beam. Hanna is a very elegant gymnast and could help the team on beam, floor and perhaps vault. Samara is also strong on vault and floor.

Never before has NZ had so many worthy contendors for the CWG, best of luck to all girls trialing! 

Australian Nationals will be held in Melbourne from the 21st of May to 1st of June.


  1. Wow this team doesn't have a lot of potential on the uneven bars. The highest score being an 11.60?

    1. Yeah, bars will really let them down, they don't have the difficulty. Charlotte had a DV 4.7 and Courtney 4.5 on bars at CSG classic. Next best was Anna with 3.0