Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 Gymnastics Wishlist

I can hardly believe it's 2014 and that we are already half-way through the next Olympic Cycle! It is an exciting year for gymnastics with the Commonwealth Games and the Youth Olympic Games both being held this year. Here is my wishlist for 2014, enjoy!

New Zealand's Jordan Rae, hoping to compete at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

10. Australia sends an entire team to Worlds
I don't know about you, but I was quite disappointed not to see any Aussies at the 2013 World Championships. While they may not be one of the top teams, they have great innovation and style (think Canada) and are fun to watch.

The Aussie girls had a disappointing Olympics and failed to qualify to the team final (credit: The Australian)

9. Stanford makes the top five
Currently ranked #8 I reckon Stanford can do much better! They had a good start to the season, winning over the Georgia Gymdogs.

The 2014 SWG team (credit: SWG Facebook page)

8. No more ACL tears!
I know this isn't really possible, but I am fed up with gymnasts getting this injury, that takes them out for the season. To name a few: Gabby Jupp, Kim Janas, Peng peng Lee, Julie Crocket and Sam Peszek.

7. A Triple Turning Yurchenko in Competition
Will it be Biles, Maroney or someone else?

6. Dowell and Price on the Worlds Team for USA
These girls are both phenomenal gymnasts and should be given the chance to represent the US at Worlds. 2013 does not count for Brenna.

Brenna and Ebee with Kyla, McKayla and Simone (credit: USA Gymnastics)

5. Nush to win beam for UCLA at NCAA's!
I mean, that dismount. Have you seen it?

4. For Russia to get it together!
Russia had a very up and down year, with the illness of Komova, the issues over Grishina, Afan's injury, the dismissal of Pavs, the retirement of Demy and Nabs. I know we can't expect world domination like in 2010, but somebody has to challenge the Americans!

Anna Rodinova- Russia's hopes for the future?

3. For Roxana Popa to win Spain's first AA medal since I don't know when
This girl is looking good, and she's only going to get better!

2. A strong performance from the Kiwi girls at the Commonwealths
This team will be our strongest team ever, things are looking exciting for NZ elite gymnastics!

Some members of the NZ Commonwealth Games squad (credit: CSG gymnastics)

1. That Viktoria Komova transitions gracefully through her growth spurt
The young Russian has grown up since the Olympics (let's hope in terms of maturity also!). Hopefully the extra height will make her even more graceful than she is already.

Anyone else miss this? I sure do!

That's about it. Can't wait to see if these come true!

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