Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Elisabeth Seitz (GER)

Elisabeth is a German gymnast from Heidelberg and has competed at two World Championships and the 2012 London Olympic Games. She is best known for her bar work where she performs the extremely difficult def, a layout gienger with a full- twist. She has performed well in competition this year, coming 10th in the all-around at the Olympic Games and qualifying to the uneven bars final.

German gymnast Elisabeth Seitz smiles after finishing a good routine (photo credit: ArchiFoto)

Normally Elisabeth only performs her def at bigger meets as it is a very risky move which she sometimes struggles with (she fell in the 2010 World Championships uneven bars final). She is a very dynamic and explosive bar worker, reminiscent of Rebecca Bross and is very exciting to watch. Here is her routine from the 2011 Cottbus World Cup event.

Elisabeth performs her def at the 2011 Cottbus World Cup

Seitz competes on bars at the 2012 Olympic Games

She is also a very efficient beam worker, clean, powerful and confident. Her improved performances on the event have helped to establish her as a better all-around contender. Here is her beam routine from the Glasgow Cup held this month. Elisabeth placed second in the all-around competition behind Elizabeth Price of the USA.

Seitz performs on beam at the 2012 Glasgow World Cup

Seitz, along with Kim Bui and Janine Berger are key members of the German team and we will hopefully see them continue to improve over the next couple of years!

Article by Imogen Browne (@IFlip4GymBlog) 

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