Saturday, 8 December 2012

Best of Bross

Rebecca Bross is hands-down one of my favourite gymnasts. I first noticed her at the 2007 Pan-American Games where she competed alongside Shawn Johnson and Ivanna Hong. It was well known that she was immensely talented, and trained under Valeri Luikin at WOGA gymnastics. She was impressive, even back in 2007 and showed a large repertoire of skills for a gymnast so young.

Becca Bross, Shawn Johnson and Ivanna Hong at the 2007 Pan-American Games

I love that Bross is a very focused athlete and competes with great intensity. She really attacks her routines, especially on bars and beam. Rebecca made the World Championship team in 2009, the competition was held in the exact same arena as the 2012 Olympic Games. Due to a stumble on her last tumble of her floor routine, she finished second in the all-around competition to her team mate Bridget Sloan. The fact that she still managed to place second at a World Championships after a major mistake proves how talented she is. But she is a fighter and came back strong to perform well in floor and bar event finals, tying in 3rd place with Ana Porgras on bars.

Rebecca with game face on! Third place finish in the un-even bars final at the 2009 World Championships

Becca performs a sheep jump on beam during the all-around final

Becca shows a bit of extra height on her release moves compared to other gymnasts

Rebecca Bross (USA), Bridget Sloan (USA) and Koko Tsurumi (JAP) on the podium at the 2009 World Championships in London

Rebecca started off her 2010 competitive year at the American Cup where she performed very well and introduced a new floor routine with much improved choreography. The music suited her very well and she seemed very comfortable with the dance. Her tumbling, especially the twisting moves and double front somersault are particularity impressive.

Bross on floor at the 2010 American Cup. I love how she saves her smile until after the last tumbling pass!

Her best event is probably beam. When she hits, she is awesome. I love the unique turn in the squat position and the standing arabian that she performs. She won the silver medal during the event finals at the 2010 World Championships with this incredibly solid performance.

Becca wins the silver medal on beam at the 2010 World Championships

Unfortunately Rebecca dislocated her knee performing a DTY at the 2011 Nationals on the second night of competition. It was an absolutely devastating injury that took her out for the rest of the competitive season. She worked extremely hard to come return to competition in 2012, choosing to become an event specialist on bars and beam, the areas where she felt she could contribute to team USA. I have incredible admiration for her comeback, the whole process would have taken much patience and hard work. Rebecca had a couple of mistakes in her routines at the Olympic Trials and unfortunately was not selected onto the Olympic Team. For Rebecca, it was a case of bad-timing and the incredible depth of the American team at the time.

Rebecca on floor at the 2011 US Nationals

 Recently she participated in the Mexican Gala exhibition event (see floor routine below) and the 2012 Kellogs Tour of Gymnastics. It is uncertain what Rebecca will decide to do in 2013. Team USA could definitely use her on bars and beam and I'm sure many fans around the world would be delighted to see her continue in the sport. But in the end it all comes back down to what Becca decides to do. But no matter what, she will forever be a World-class gymnast!

Becca's lovely floor routine from the 2012 Mexican Gala

Article by Imogen Mireille (@IFlip4GymBlog)

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