Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Spotlight: Daria Joura (AUS)

Daria 'Dasha' Joura is a Siberian-born Australian gymnast. She competed at two World Championships and was part of Australia's Beijing Olympic Team in 2008. Dasha is best known for her expressive and innovative floor choreography, and her trademark salute, where she throws her head back. She was a great performer and a crowd favourite.

Daria Joura, Siberian-born member of the Senior Australian Team, 2006-2008 (photo credit: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images)

Probably on of the best performers gymnastics has seen, Dasha has an amazing presence on the floor exercise. See the video below of her performance during the all-around competition at the 2007 World Championships. She gives the judges a cheeky wink before she begins her routine! She has definitely mastered the head-flick as well, whether it be upwards, or to the side, it helps adds drama to her routine. Many other international gymnasts have since used her music, but to me it will always be Dasha's!

Dasha competes in the all-around final at the 2007 World Championships

During the 2012 Olympic year, to the excitement of many fans, Dasha re-emerged onto the Australian gymnastics scene. She felt as though she could help Australia on vault, with her powerful double -turning Yurchencko (see below). Her 2008 Olympic experience was disappointing as a problematic qualifications round meant that Dasha did not advance to any individual finals. Dasha was not selected for the team, probably because steady all-arounders and bar specialists (Larissa Miller) were required.

Stuck DTY from Dasha in May, 2012

It was fantastic to see Dasha in competition again, after overcoming a 'career-ending' ankle injury that she sustained in 2009. I am unsure of her plans for the future, but would love to see more of her!

Dasha poses at the beam

Article by Imogen Browne (@ImogenMireille)

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