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Kyla Ross: The Youngest Member of the Fierce Five Grows Up

Kyla Ross is a member of the 'Fierce Five', who won Team USA's second gold medal in the team competition at the Olympics. As the youngest member of the team, she was the first to get back into training after the Olympics. Ever since the junior levels she has been a very calm and collected competitor, with particular strengths on beam and bars. Her routines are polished, fluid and have that 'international look'. Her routines are always received well by the judges.

Kyla during the preliminary round at the 2012 Olympic Games

Kyla's solid routines on both bars and beam during the team final at the Olympics helped her team to win the title by a large margin over their Russian rivals. Their performances as a team were near flawless, and they proved that they were the best gymnastics team in the world.

Kyla celebrating her Olympic gold (credit:

A year on, Kyla has returned to the elite scene, now a couple of inches taller! She seems to have gained much confidence in her gymnastics (as an experience such as the Olympics is bound to do!). Her lines are more elegant than ever and she has made a few upgrades. Kyla is definitely a perfectionist, her and her coaches will wait until a move is absolutely perfected before she puts it into her competition routines. This strategy means that Kyla always fares well in all-around competition. It is probable that Kyla and team mate Simone Biles (first year senior), a powerhouse gymnast will compete for the US at the upcoming World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium (end of Sept).

Kyla's gorgeous bar routine from the 2013 US Nationals. Kyla placed first on bars.

Also, check out her brand new floor routine. Absolutely gorgeous!

Kyla graces the floor during finals night at the 2013 US National Champs

Kyla has gone from being the youngest member of the Fierce Five to a seasoned competitor, whom the younger gymnasts who she now competes with idolise! She is a great role model for the younger girls, and together with Maroney, they should be able to guide the younger members of their team towards success. All the best of luck for Antwerp to Kyla, and the rest of Team USA.

Kyla with the younger members of Team USA at the beginning of this year (credit: Brenna Dowell Tumblr)

Kyla poses with Maggie Nichols, Lexie Preissman, Amelia Hundley, Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Peyton Ernst and Ballie Key (credit: Lexie Preissman Tumblr)

Article by Imogen Browne (Follow on Twitter @Iflip4gymblog)

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