Saturday, 2 March 2013

Montage March

There are several great montages on YouTube which capture the beauty and emotions involved in the sport of gymnastics. A few are displayed here, from different years and competitions.

1/ USA Juniors 2012. Shining by AshleyakaFlipper2

Shows what a powerhouse in gymnastics the US is at the moment. Their talent is so deep and there are many talented juniors due to move up into the senior ranks over the coming years

2/ Not Always Happy Endings by nade00

While gymnastics is a beautiful sport it is also extremely difficult and much sacrifices are made. This montage tells the very sad stories of several young girls in the sport. Unfortunately gymnastics can be a heartbreaking sport.

3/ Jordyn Wieber. 2012 Olympics. Little Wonders by Jamie Nicole
One of the most shocking moments of the Olympic Games in London was 2011 AA champion Jordyn Wieber failing to qualify for the Olympic AA finals due to the 3 per country rule. This montage captures the emotional roller-coaster that she experienced, and shows how she was able to pull herself together for the team final and win gold for Team USA. She impressed the world with her bravery and her class.

4/ They Can't Dance by Spanny Tampson

This beauty from Spanny is just plain hilarious! There has truely been some TERRIBLE choreography over the years, it's about time someone made fun of it!

Article by Imogen Browne (@IFlip4GymBlog)

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